Client services


Timely and accurate accounting

When it comes to finances, accurate records are non-negotiable for a smooth-running business. We understand that you need a partner you can trust to perform, every single time. That’s why our commitment to excellence is uncompromising and unwavering.

We offer you support in:

Audits & Reviews

An opportunity to excel.

Audits and reviews are called ‘assurance services’ for a reason: they assure you and those you do business with that your company is sound. Not only that, they are a business tool. A thorough audit can help you pinpoint potential weaknesses in your operations, and take steps to fix them.

We take our role seriously, and think of an audit as an exercise in generating value – not just observing compliance. We don’t just ‘report results’. We offer insights into how to strengthen your business. Whether it be in the area of accounting controls, or wider business processes, we can help you run your firm more efficiently. Why just calculate profits, when you can increase them?

As a paperless business, Harris & Partners are able to complete our work quickly and reliably. If you need answers, our team can help – wherever they are in your offices, our offices, or on the road. As soon as our audit team completes its work, you will have a draft financial statement there and then.

Bookkeeping & Write-Up

Keep an even keel.

An efficient business needs well-organized financial records. Keeping these records current and well-ordered is a daily task, and requires resources. If you need help or expertise, our qualified staff will make sure you have your bases covered.

Cash Flow & Budgeting Analysis

Cash is king.

Making a profit is only half the battle. Particularly in the early days, cash flow issues can be a constant headache for a business owner. We can help you keep track of where your cash is going, and plan for any financing needs ahead of time.

Financial Forecasts & Projections

Looking ahead.

While no one can predict the future, failing to plan is planning to fail. Whether it is a simple project or a complex financial model, it’s important to ground your goals in reality. Let our skilled team members work with you to crunch the numbers and map out your future.