Chartered Accountant Markham

Ensuring your prosperity in a changing world.

The world never stands still, and each year brings new challenges. To thrive as a business, you need a Chartered Accountant partner who does more than check the numbers. You need a hands-on, full service team with the expertise, attention and speed to deliver the support you need, when you need it.

With Harris & Partners at your side, you’ll be prepared for any complex business situation:

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Chartered Accountant Markham

Broad Coverage

Your industry has unique challenges, and you need a partner who understands them. Our team of chartered accountants in markham is experienced in a diverse range of sectors.

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Deep Expertise

Challenges come in many different forms, and your advisor has to be versatile. We are a multi-disciplinary firm, and go beyond the traditional accounting label.

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Personal Service

Boilerplate solutions are no use, and an advisor you can’t get hold of is no advisor at all. We pride ourselves on close contact with our clients throughout the relationship.

Client Services

Your life is complex and you need Markham accounting firm who is versatile. Whether you are looking for specific advice on tax or comprehensive support for your business, our team of experts are here to meet your needs.