Medical Practices

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Focus on your calling.

Your first duty is to your patients. At the same time, you can’t serve your patients if your business is in a bad way. Chasing insurers, crafting budgets and forecasts, while keeping an eye on overheads – all of this is a necessary part of running a profitable practice.

How do you balance your professional duties with the obligations of a business owner?

Our partners have worked long enough with medical practitioners, and have the knowledge and experience to ensure you can focus on your calling, while we monitor fee schedules and keep your financial performance under observation.

Here are just a few ways that we can help you:

  • Systematize billing: capture the income you have earned
  • Negotiate equipment purchases/leases
  • Structure acquisitions/sales
  • Help you bring on a new associate
  • Protect your assets with proper tax planning
  • Budget and forecast to maximize your profitability