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About Us

Our goal is to gain a competitive advantage for our clients, to ensure their prosperity in an ever-evolving business world. We are prepared for any complex business situation, and as our client, so will you be.

When we use the term ‘full service’ to describe our firm, we mean it.

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In the years we’ve been in business, Harris & Partners has built up a team of skilled, experienced professionals to realize our vision of a next-generation professional services firm. In other words, a firm that:

  • Really understands the business you operate in
  • Takes time to understand your needs and objectives
  • Will respond quickly and make time for you
  • Give realistic, reliable commercial advice

We’re committed to making you a success. In order to do that, we have to maintain a close relationship and ensure that our standards of advice remain leading-edge.

These are the pillars of our commitment to you:

A close relationship

The more we listen, the more we understand. The more we care, the better the service. Because we work diligently to create a customized plan, our clients can rest assured that they will receive an optimal strategy.

Rapid response

Speed is everything when you are competing. We recognize that our clients need answers fast, and we staff and organize our firm accordingly. In addition to delivering a personalized service, a “hands-on” approach is central to our operating procedures.

Bespoke analysis

Financial advice can’t be given in a vacuum. From tax planning to payroll advice, or audit to inventory control, every solution we propose takes into account a client’s situation and business environment.

Hiring standards

We attach great importance to recruiting and training quality staff so as to maintain our commitments above. Even after the hire is made, we ensure that continuous training programs.