Other services

Other services

We’ve seen it all. Our client base crosses industries, geographies, and stages of development. When it comes to financing and tax, there isn’t too much we haven’t advised on, or where we can’t offer a perspective. If you are facing any issue that requires specialist support, the chances are that we can help and/or refer… Continue reading Other services


Your partner in success. As a business, you succeed when your clients succeed. We see things the same way. As accountants, our role is first and foremost to ensure that your finances are in order and your tax bill is low. But your business needs don’t stop there, and neither do we. Few of your… Continue reading Consulting

HST Audit

HST Audit Saving on stress. No one looks forward to a CRA Audit. It’s complex and it takes time – often a couple of days or even weeks. In our experience, most of the hassle is a result of poor management of financial records. With us present to bear the load, you can minimize the… Continue reading HST Audit


Let’s be honest. Taxes are no one’s favorite topic (except maybe accountants, since we’re being honest). But given that they’re a fact of life, making the most of tax opportunities can really help your business. For that, you need a team of experts that you can trust. Federal or provincial, we can make taxes simple… Continue reading Tax


Timely and accurate accounting When it comes to finances, accurate records are non-negotiable for a smooth-running business. We understand that you need a partner you can trust to perform, every single time. That’s why our commitment to excellence is uncompromising and unwavering. We offer you support in: Audits, Reviews Bookkeeping & Write-Up Cash Flow &… Continue reading Accounting