Real Estate

Real Estate

We offer extensive services in real estate related tax planning including the following: Structuring investments in Canadian Real Estate Structuring investment in US Real Estate Real estate income and CRA, how is income from real estate taxed GST/HST and Airbnb income Non-residents investing in Canadian real estate Residential rental properties

Retail / wholesale

Opportunities in the chaos. There’s no such thing as a quiet year in the retail business. Every stage in your firm’s lifecycle brings new challenges and opportunities. Rising tax burdens, the constant need for innovation, and the ever-increasing role of technology have all kept life interesting for retailers. We’re here to make sure you have… Continue reading Retail / wholesale


Professional Service Firms

Power in your corner. There’s no such thing as a stable market, particularly for professional services firms. Gone are the days when a qualification was enough to set you apart. Now, more than ever, you need business skills to beat the competition. We work with clients that include small and mid-sized professional firms. We study… Continue reading Professional Service Firms

Non – Profit

Supporting your mission. We’ve supported non-profit organizations as consultants, auditors and tax advisors. We understand your unique financial, planning and assurance needs. Whether it is creating a business plan, developing internal controls, or performing an audit, we can draw on more than twenty years of experience in creating an effective and tailored solution for your… Continue reading Non – Profit

Medical Practices

Focus on your calling. Your first duty is to your patients. At the same time, you can’t serve your patients if your business is in a bad way. Chasing insurers, crafting budgets and forecasts, while keeping an eye on overheads – all of this is a necessary part of running a profitable practice. How do… Continue reading Medical Practices


Boost the bottom line. As a manufacturer, your words to live by are Efficiency and Quality Control. These two components are the key to making and shipping superior products. Meanwhile, the outside environment is never static, and you need to be able to respond quickly. Our many clients in manufacturing and distribution benefit not only… Continue reading Manufacturing

Law Firms

Practice made perfect. Whatever your goals when you went into legal practice, bean-counting probably wasn’t one of them. Conducting breakeven analyses on minimum required billable hours and realization rates is necessary, but a pain. Working with us as a partner, you can have the gain without the pain. By understanding how your business operates, we’ll… Continue reading Law Firms

Food Services

We get it. We know the industry issues that keep you up at night. Our specialist partners stay on top of the changes in accounting rules and tax laws that affect your business, whether you’re an independent grocer, caterer, or distributor. Our experience in working with clients in this industry – wholesale or retail –… Continue reading Food Services


Work with a specialist. You need an advisor who understands your business. That would be us. Over the past 40 years, we’ve worked with general contractors and specialists in mechanical electrical, heating and air conditioning, woodworking, painting, and window fabricators. Just as we’ve helped these clients thrive, we can advise you on: Profitability management for… Continue reading Construction